The ENDON GNOSIS publishing house is a Greek association, which was founded in 2013 with the objective of contributing to the promotion of the philosophy of KNOW THYSELF, through the publication of remarkable literary works, which are aimed at the development of the individual and society in general on a spiritual, moral and physical level. We believe it a fundamental need to contribute to the forging of a future with more favourable opportunities for progress for all.

At a time when moral values are collapsing and spiritual inquietudes lead to dead ends, we considered it necessary to publish works by selected philosophers and thinkers that could substantially satisfy the inquietudes and expectations of the demanding reader. We must make a distinction between the eternal "Be" and the ephemeral "appear to be" and give each category respectively the proper attention. We feel it a duty to cultivate and transmit the universal values and the timeless principles for the good of humanity and the planet.

We publish and offer, at very affordable prices, books translated into many languages, while at the same time creating special, printed advertisement material, which through text and visual expression supports our publications and at the same time promotes philosophical thinking. Through hard work, the altruistic participation of our valued colleagues, and the support of our booksellers and our readers, we cover a wide market, which extends throughout Greece, Cyprus and abroad.

Within the context of selfless service, we hold events that promote philosophy and bibliophilia, such as presentations of the works that we publish and reading programmes in various languages.

We wish to point out that the works that we publish are available only in printed format of high quality and therefore we bear no responsibility for the same works that are illegally in circulation by third parties, in poor quality printed or electronic format. Our association, in observance of copyright laws, has committed itself through contracts with the legal owners of the copyright of the works that it publishes. Therefore, it ensures that the publication and distribution of the books is done legally and in accordance with the guidelines and the will of their authors.